Charlie Puth – KoKo Camden – 23.05.16

Suffer is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. I’ve always enjoyed Charlie’s music, his version of See You Again, We Don’t Talk Anymore (why wasn’t Selena in the video?) and the majority of Nine Track Mind – his debut album. His music is easy listening and he has a powerful, sultry voice. The first time I heard Suffer, I changed my music setting to repeat one, it was just amazing and probably the main reason I bought tickets to see Charlie Puth perform live in London.

I had tried to buy tickets before, I think he did a one-off gig in East London the year before but I found out about the gig really late in the day and all tickets were sold out. Luckily, I was more successful this time round and KoKo is such a cute venue for an artist as cute as he is.

I really liked the family vibe of this gig. Charlie’s younger brother was playing his guitar and singing outside to entertain us when we were queueing up and his Father was manning the merchandise stall, it was nice to see a young man who had newly found fame still firmly rooted in what matters most.

In person, Charlie’s voice is phenomenal. His instrument is incredibly powerful and at no moment did he falter, going to this gig was definitely worth the wait.

Highlights include:

  • Seeing ‘Suffer’ performed live – This song does things to me, live is even better than pre-recorded and he should be so proud of making such a sexy track that hasn’t got an ounce of cheese.
  • Charlie Puth beat boxing – He’s obviously extremely talented, he writes his own music, plays various instruments and we’ve all heard his lush voice. Beat boxing is a lost art form that doesn’t get enough love, was nice to have such a clever throwback.

Opening act:

Kloe – I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember much about this artist so i’ll move on swiftly!

My verdict:

Might be a bit shocking considering my glowing review but I give this concert a solid 3-stars. I enjoyed myself, the music was good but I’m not sure I’d go again although I’m really glad I did.


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