Coldplay – The o2 Arena – 16.06.16

Ugh. COLDPLAY! What can I even say?

I’ve always loved Coldplay, growing up ‘Viva La Vida’ was one of my favourite songs. My brother used to make fun of me for listening to the band at a time when it wasn’t cool to listen to Coldplay. The band had a reputation for making really sad songs, but I couldn’t get enough. Between ‘Fix You’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Princess of China’ a deep appreciation grew.

Still it wasn’t until Ghost Stories – the first Coldplay album I had listened to it in its entirety – that I truly became a fan of Chris Martin and his vibe.

I think A Head Full of Dreams was a real turning point for Coldplay, suddenly it was cool to listen to the band and admit to doing so. I remember my Dad telling me ‘loved the song with all the monkeys in the video’ – meaning Adventure of a Lifetime. Hymn For the Weekend also struck a chord, as a lover all of things Beyonce this collaboration was music to my ears (no pun intended).

I bought tickets to see the A Head Full of Dreams almost 9 months before the lads were scheduled to perform. My flatmate and I tried desperately for standing tickets, Coldplay concert gooers will know just how much of a party is had in the stalls, but we were only able to get upper tier seated. Regardless of being in the sky I still had one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. Coldplay move a crowd like no other, they really know how to put a show of a lifetime and it was amazing to be surrounded by people from all walks of life.

“Call it magic, call it true. I call it magic when i’m with you and I just got broken, broken into two… still, I call it magic when i’m with you.”

Highlights include:

  • Seeing ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Magic’ performed live – I can confidently write that these are my three favourite Coldplay songs. I honestly thought I’d cry when A Sky Full of Stars was performed, the stadium lit up with a thousand little lights. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


  • Experiencing the entire AHFOD album live – I listened to this work of art for a full year, I knew every word, chord and guitar riff. When I wasn’t blasting it from my speakers at home, my flatmate was. To be surrounded by thousands of people who all felt the same way was truly phenomenal.
  • Coldplay wristbands – Everyone in the audience got given a wristband that would light up at certain points of the show. Coldplay is a band that truly entertains and goes that extra mile to make a night with them one you’ll never forget.

Opening acts:

Lianne La Havas – This total babe was amazing. I actually went away and downloaded her EP so I could continue listening to her music.

Alessia Cara – Everyone knows Alessia has a beautiful voice, it was awesome to see her open for Coldplay.

My verdict:

Nothing else but a 5-star rating could ever suffice. I’d love to see Coldplay again, now that I’ve seen them at a stadium I’ll hold out for the right festival or quirky open-air venue.



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