Troye Sivan – o2 Academy Kentish Town – 21.04.16

I love Troye Sivan. I remember the first time I heard his voice, I was at work and ‘Youth’ came up on an Apple Music suggested playlist. I felt immediately connected to his voice and downloaded Blue Neighbourhood in its entirety to listen to, it quickly became my go-to work album when things became stressful and I needed to zone out.

As soon as I was notified that Troye was going to tour the UK, I set up a ticket alert and made sure I wouldn’t miss out on tickets. I managed to buy two standing tickets and went to the concert a few days after a city break to Berlin.

Whatever it was that I was expecting from Troye, he gave me so much more. His energy as a performer was infectious, the crowd was loving-life and his snake-hip dance moves were borderline erotic. I don’t know exactly what genre of music i’d put Troye Sivan in but whatever it is, that’s where I’ve bought my house and will forever more live.

“We’ll be making shades of purple out of red and blue… You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you.”


Highlights include:

  • for him. – My absolute favourite song from the album, beautifully written, honest and just so dreamy to listen to. I’m so happy I got to see this song performed live.
  • Troye’s dance moves – Say what you want but the boy can dance. Watching him on stage made me think he’d be my kind of person on a night out, so Troye if you’re ever in London again and want to dance the night away, I am your girl!
  • Learning more about Troye – One of the best things about seeing an artist you love live is getting to hear a little bit more about their life and the journey they went on to write an album or a specific song you love. It was really refreshing to hear Troye speak so freely about his sexuality on stage and I know from speaking to people in the crowd that his honesty definitely inspired.

Opening act:

Astrid S – The girl has sass for days, she was a good opening act and got the crowd very pumped for Troye.

My verdict:

I give Troye Sivan the highest of the high, a 5-star rating. I’d definitely go and see him again and I’m so excited to see where his career takes him.


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