Beyonce – Wembley Stadium – 02.07.16

Lemonade hit me like a truck. Everything I had felt over the years, everything a culture had felt over centuries was laid bare and exposed so perfectly in 12 tracks and a stellar visual album to boot.

It’s hard to write about going to see Bey without first writing about how influential she’s been as a role model throughout my life. I would have been 5 when I first heard a Destiny’s Child song, probably the first time I would have seen powerful women on the television who looked like me. Almost 20 years later, Beyonce’s presence has been a constant in my life, she’s gone from strength to strength. Survivor taught me about girl power and overcoming adversity, her outspoken nature about Black Lives Matter gave me hope about a better future and courage to speak up about injustice, the glimpses of her life she chooses to share with us teach me about humility, blessings and living life to the full. She is 100% who she is, she’s unapologetic about here fierceness and to me she’s the kind of woman Maya Angelou writes about in Still I Rise. If you haven’t guessed already, I love Beyonce – would cry if I met her in real life, reference her constantly, support her viciously, love Beyonce. So it should be no shock that I jumped at the chance to see her perform at Wembley last summer.

There was no way I wasn’t getting tickets to the Formation Tour. I did everything in my power to get my hands on Lower Tier tickets and by God’s grace on the day of general release, I was able to secure seats for myself and a friend.

I remember going to the concert like it was yesterday, I’ve never been so charged to see an artist perform before. I took my seat amongst a sold out crowd ready to be entertained and Slayonce did not disappoint.

Highlights include:

  • The choreography to ‘Freedom’ – Magnificent and everywhere on social media after the first live show, this blew me away completely.
  • Seeing ‘Halo’ performed live – I constantly had to fight back tears throughout this concert, I was so emotional but I knew if I cried I’d make my eyes cloudy and I really didn’t want to miss a minute of Beyonce’s set. I finally broke down during Halo and this cements Bey in the list of artists that have made me cry.
  • Losing my voice singing along to ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself‘ – Probably my favourite track on Lemonade. I screamed at the top of my lungs all through the performance and had a sore throat for a week to prove it.
  • Beyonce’s medley of hit songs through the ages – One of my favourite things about seeing an artist who has had a lengthy career is being transported back to key moments in your life when you heard a song for the first time, connected or felt something that went beyond the act of purely listening.
  • The crowd – One of the greatest things about seeing Beyonce is that everyone that goes genuinely loves her, having a career that spans decades means people from all age groups have connected with her at some point. I was surrounded by fans old and young and we all had a magical time together. What’s more, Beyonce fans do not play! I didn’t just go to sing along, I was on my feet for the entirety of the concert dancing along to routines I’ve practiced in my room for years. Her concert is work out, a lot of calories were burnt.


  • Literally everything – I genuinely can’t stress how amazing the Formation Tour was. Every moment, outfit change, dance routine and song was a highlight. If I could list everything I would, but then we’d be here for years.

Opening act:

Queen Bey didn’t have an opening act, controversial, I know. However, I don’t think anyone in the audience actually minded – we all knew who we were there for, and when Bey finally came out she was more than worth the wait.

My verdict:

5-star. If you love live music, art and unforgettable experiences get your butt to your nearest Beyonce performance. I would wholeheartedly see her again and have actively made plans to do so. Beyonce gave me one of the best nights of my entire life, fact.


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