Justin Bieber – o2 Arena – 12.10.16

I wish with my entire heart I was writing a positive review about my experience seeing Justin Bieber peform live. Sadly, if you came here to read a declaration of my undying love for Biebs, skip ahead to the next post.

I will own up and say pre-Purpose JB was my guilty pleasure, from days listening to ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Never Say Never’, he’s an artist that has always featured heavily in my rotation. When I heard Purpose for the first time I became a fully-fledged Belieber and unashamedly so I would blast the album from speakers throughout my flat before a night out.

Here’s where the trouble began: I signed up to Justin’s fanclub so I could get early access to his London tour dates. I was able to get 3 tickets a couple of weeks before they went on sale and thought I had hit the jackpot. Imagine how upset I was when I got to the venue and the seats I had paid more for to get through his website where in the very last row of the upper tier. I may as well have watched the concert from home, I would have been closer to the action.

Still, always one to silver line a situation I thought ‘at least I’m here to see Justin with my best friend’, surely watching an album I love so much performed live would make up for shoddy over-priced seats? Wrong!

It honestly felt like Justin didn’t want to be there. Here was a guy known to be charismatic, charming and the modern day male version of Helen of Troy, and there was no spark. At first I thought because my seats were up in the sky his appeal just couldn’t travel that far but friends with better seats and friends standing had a similar experience.

Justin is a global superstar, I’d put him in the same bracket as Taylor Swift so I genuinely expected to be blown away.


Highlights include:

  • Love Yourself‘ – Arguably one of the greatest Justin Bieber tracks, seeing this performed live and acoustically was the most memorable part of the evening. In fact, the entire acoustic section was wonderful, stripped back Bieber with no gimmicks, just his voice and a guitar is my favourite. The lyrics ‘My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone’ bonds us all forever.
  • Seeing ‘Baby’ performed live – This has been my go-to karaoke song for the longest time, there’s a video of me performing this to a crowd at my university and another I recorded for my best friend for her birthday.
  • Singing along to the Purpose album – As I’ve mentioned before, the album is pure class.

Opening act:


Mic Lowry – Loved seeing this band perform live. It can’t be easy to open for a star as shiny as Justin and these boys held their own and got the crowd pumped as best they could.


My verdict:

Purpose is a work of art, I’ve listened to Justin transform from a young boy to a man in his own right. I have so much love and respect for this album. Furthermore, a lot of work went into the visuals and production of the Purpose Tour. It is a real shame that the person who I had paid to see was unable to make me feel connected to his music. I wouldn’t pay to see Justin again (not that he cares) but I will probably always vibe with him through my earphones. Purpose is a 5-star album but the Purpose Tour gets a 2.5-star rating from me.


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